Monday 23 April 2007

Cave of delights - # 86

Look back to Post # 22 from last February and you will see again the magnificent Thames skiff. Here's a snap of the interior of this craftsman's heaven. Note the tiny white mug half hidden on the bench.......that's essential for moments when ispiration is needed!


  1. *lol* I saw the mug at once, half hidden. And that's a wonder, seeing all that stuff ;-)

  2. I think, that the boatbuilder`s wife is not let to clean this room :)
    It`s fine, that somebody is nowadays
    capable of doing by his/her hands something like that.

    Have a nice time there!

  3. Hardly any room to move around in there, let alone sit down! Probably some interesting trinkets lost in the dusty corners

  4. Oh my! Looks like there could be some goodies hidden in there. I wonder if owner can find them...

    You know, when you refer to old posts, it's actually helpful if you link to it. At least for people like me. I don't know how many readers like me you've got, but just thought I'd give you some unsolicited input.