Friday 6 April 2007

A walk around Richmond Park 4 - # 69

We have now moved into the very centre of the Park. There are no set paths. You can roam freely, but now and then come across a request to be more careful. This particular area of acid grassland is important for the larks. Come up here in high Summer and here them singing as they climb up and up into the sky. Here's a link to help find out more about skylarks in Britain:


  1. Thanks for the tour Chucker. Brings back memories for me. At a gime when I'm increasingly frustrated with the UK attitude to various things, I'm glad the Park remains unchanged

  2. Amazing that the land is set aside for the Skylarks. We have a similar Nature preserve not far from where we live but with asthma and emphysema it is hard for me to do much walking around once I get there. I like the idea though.

    I try to get things in my backyard and photograph them from my house or office when it is blistering hot and freezing cold. We are freezing right now. So I posted a picture of a raccoon friend standing upright, inches away, looking me in the eye. LOL

    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. I returned to thank you for stopping and for commenting about the WW II cliffs and the early radar installations there.

    I have watched a dozen or more programs on the Discovery television channel about the very thing -- early warning radar where you were located. It was always interesting to me that the Germans never really figured that all out and put more of an effort into destroying the towers.

    Thanks again.