Monday 30 April 2007

Descent towards paradise - # 93

Having admired the "Drebbel" yesterday, we now descend the stairs out of Heron Sq towards the river, and come to this fine view of Richmond Bridge almost as it must have looked in 1780. At this point I wanted to continue into a debate on the Government's current policies on Alcohol and Gambling and compare the situation today with Hogarth's painting series on alcohol, gambling and loose living in 18th century Britain. But Mrs ..'roony told me that this was too complicated and that I should just shut up and make the posting. However, there are parallels, and this river front is now a prime area of entertainment and alcohol consumption. It's worth discussing, so I might get back to it in another way, later. (I'm sorry about the cars in the pictures. They are not permitted except for exceptional business needs in day's nearly impossible to ban them totally.)


  1. That is a nice view! I will be looking for to the future posts re: alcohol consumption - sounds intriguing ;-)

    Re: Drebbel - I always credited DaVinci with the concept of submarine...but I learned something new today!

  2. Oh, what a stunning view! beautiful!