Sunday 8 April 2007

A walk around Richmond Park 6 - # 71

Another gem in the centre of the Park is the approx 8 hectare (17 acres?) Isabella Plantation. This photo is not a special set piece - it is simply a typical shot of anywhere in the garden. The damp acid soil is planted with rhododendrons, heathers, azaleas and there are numerous small drainage streams where beautiful water and shade-loving plants flourish. The clearings have ponds full of Mallard and Muscovy ducks and coots. Soon the azaleas will appear....the colour display will be stunning. You can only reach the Isabella Plantation by walking some miles across the park (carefully passing the herds of red and fallow deer), but there is special provision for cars to bring disabled people right up to it, and electric powered chairs are provided. This is one of London's "must see" spots if you are a long-stay visitor.


  1. Gardens are beautiful in April! This one is a good example. My father was a collector of heathers, hundreds of them in his garden...

  2. Chuckeroon, this is a lovely serie! I'd would like to take a peaceful walk by this beautiful park in a sunny that like yours!

  3. What a beautiful photograph. It's really brightened up my day!. I recently entered a photography competition and maybe you should consider submitting this photograph - A garden in Spring; nothing beats it!