Sunday 1 April 2007

Twickenham riverside scene - # 64

One week ago I crossed via the "500 year long queue" (see earlier post - # 5) to go to the Farmers' Market in Twickenham (post - # 57). The temperature was dropping, the cold wind getting stronger and I rushed back along the riverbank to the ferry. But this scene forced me to stop and admire it. The lack of sunshine makes it a bit dull in colour, but otherwise I find it delightful - an 18th Century house, a late Victorian gas street lamp, the high garden wall and the climber in full, but too early, bloom (a clear sign of climate change!). There are many scenes like this around "London's Arcadia", and as you can see from the official web-site the restoration plan, which will take many, many years, is in full swing.


  1. I looked the photo as bigger and it is extremely fine.
    Your climate is not perhaps always nice to people,( when we lived 11 months in Scotland, perhaps five days were sunny days ) but plants love it.
    Roses and so many blooming plants you have.
    And already now many of them are blooming, totally different than Finland.