Thursday 12 April 2007

Spring in the city - # 75

.....turning a sharp bend in the road I was suddenly amazed by the scene. The natural beauty of this grouping of trees is truly remarkable. The cedar tree is probably 300 yrs old. Spring has dressed the others in their full blossom of red, white, and leaves of soft green. This is the A307, a very narrow but extremely busy urban road linking Richmond to Kingston, at the point where it passes the Fox and Duck pub and the long "Eastern Avenue" approach to Ham House.


  1. That is a beautiful setting you captured in this photograph. The man walking up to the scene with the cell phone stuck on his ear probably never saw where he was or what it looked like.

  2. i have many happy memories growing up in Richmond as a child.. I have sinced moved .. Your pictures certainly reminded me of all the beutiful places in Richmond..
    It would be very nice if someday you could post some pictures of The Vineyard School and the area around it.
    Keep up the good work ;)

  3. hey...Chuckeroon, miss your photos.
    the great wall still there, i visit blogspot via the some service link. thx god!!

    thx leaving so many comments for SHDP.they let me feel I am not alone. :))
    l love your shoes-photo. hee hee...i did buy a pair of red and a pair of black either, just happened yesterday. :))

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  4. I'm loving everyone's spring photos - keep them coming!

  5. Pretty scene. The sidewalks and streets always look so well kept across the ocean!
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Spring is our stormy time of year, and more bad weather is predicted for this weekend.

  6. Would the fox and the duck really get along? ;-)