Saturday 14 April 2007

Do birds have values? - # 77

This heron occupies the territory along the Richmond quay side and around. He is very confident and seems to be quite happy to display himself. He knows that if anyone gets too close he can easily fly off and sit on a boat at a safe distance. I wonder what he thinks about himself and his world. Is he aware of himself as we are? Watching the birds and animals that share our "urbanised space" I am fascinated to see how they operate and behave. They are certainly not stupid! I once watched a crow fold an extra long piece of nesting material into three too make it a convenient size to fly off with, exactly as I would have folded a long piece of string to put away in my tool box.


  1. Again, I'm surprised to see a heron that far north...
    Speaking of "folding", you might enjoy my post today ;-)

  2. Looks like this Heron is waiting for a boat to pick him up and take him further up stream on a fishing trip!!

  3. 'ello chuckles!

    you came by and thanked me. erm, you're welcomed (?)

    I think some birds have values. A couple days ago I watched a Nat.Geo programme about our feathered friends and how the mate and care for their young. Some even decide which eggs are worth incubating more than other eggs.

  4. oh..dear, suprised on the Sunday morning...i opened the blogspot, no bars!!

    i thought i wrote comments for this post on the 4th time. yesterday i tried the new browser which juergeon told me...but still cant leave the tired Saturday "trip". hee hee...

    ok...back to the post talking. ;)
    the heron....reminds me one word "gentle"...which is the first word in my mind when talking about Englishman. hehe....

    and this heron, maybe he is enjoying the peaceful moment aside the Thames....

    happy weekend.

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