Saturday 21 April 2007

Oh look dear! It's one of those new buses! - # 84

In early April (? ;-)) London Transport introduced a new extra long bus. I saw one for the first time last week-end. The gentleman seems to be very impressed and excited by the new vision of urban efficiency, but the lady beside him seems to have kept it in its correct perspective (?). ;-) Looking back at Post # 19 I can see that I really must get my camera checked ;-).

Happy week-end to you all!!! Ho, Ho.


  1. have a great week-end Chuck!

    I like the ad in the bus... wake up and win L5k everyday!!! that's 5000?? Ioh I wish I had this job!! ;)

  2. Buses here are given money to keep running empty. It is a crazy idea because the people here don't like them. I wish the people would start using buses or bikes or walk. We could do with less pollution. I like your photograph.

    Abraham Lincoln
    Brookville Daily Photo

  3. I knew extra high English buses, now I know extra long ones! Have a nice weekend!

  4. Fun news and colourful!

  5. I'm a big fan of public transport. Glad to see London is investing. Mind you I seem to remember spending about 40mins to get from isleworth to richmond on the bus during the rush hour (you can walk it in 15mins!). The solution on the continent is to have long bendy buses rather han double deckers. Curiously though we have double decker trains here