Friday 1 June 2007

Medals will be worn - # 125

This is a rare sight. I was lucky to catch this vessel moored at Teddington Lock. Built in 1927 she became a "hero" in 1940 when she helped to rescue our soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk. She wears her "medal" proudly as you can see in the next picture.
Quisisana wears her Dunkirk 1940 Plate.

On the office wall at Teddington Lock there is a plate explaining the role of the nearby Tough's Boatyard in the Dunkirk operation. Those who wish to know more can look at
The Dunkirk operation took place during this week 67 years ago. This "Little Ship" was there.
"Hundreds of small vessels were co-opted after an order was issued on BBC Radio to "all owners of self-propelled pleasure craft between 30' and l00' in length to send all particulars to the Admiralty". "


  1. I had no idea...these little vessels played a crucial role in our history.

    ps - I've replied on the wordpress question :

  2. Beautiful boat and one that played a big part in our history. Well done on a great posting.

  3. A dramatic event illustrated by this peaceful picture!

    Great thanks to those who participated!