Wednesday 26 November 2008

El Mariachi! - # 08/274

I really must go. But Baby, it's cold outside. I really can't stay. But Baby, it's cold outside. ...............Ahh, but it's cold outside.

Camera: Olympus E3. Lens 14-35 1:2.0 Hand held. Total weight 2.0 Kg. Clothing: extra thick padded winter trousers; 100% wind proof coat with special padded inner layer worn over thick Shetland pullover; touch sensitive, thin, warm high-tech gloves for camera operation; cotton, wind proof sailor's cap. Sometimes I ask myself "Why?"


  1. Why? That's easy. So you can get great shots like this. Hand held? I thought you always told me to use a tripod for night photography?!

  2. HA! Busted by Jilly!!! I LOVE it. Your weather would put me out of the photography business till spring. You deserve a pat on that multi layered back. Mexican restaurant in your neck of the woods? I'll have a Corona with lime please.

  3. At first before I enlarged I thought there was a couple smooching inside!

  4. Hi Roon! Hand held? I've to learn it... ;)
    Blogtrotter is now at the Bardo Museum; some of the best Roman mosaics in the world! Enjoy and have a great week!