Sunday 30 November 2008

The Grey Horse! - # 08/277

This is IT! So much so that 19 years ago, when my 15 year old son took me there, he had to tell me too "cool it" and threatened not to take me again. However, just recently he told me that the "Hamsters" are still playing there after all these years, and I ought to go. "You'd enjoy yourself, Daddy". This certainly is THE premier live music venue in Kingston upon Thames...and look!!!'s "EVERY EVENING 7 DAYS A WEEK"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Roon! When I started reading that you had to cool down, I thought you were saying that the Horse was driving you Crazy... But then it was only music... ;))
    Well, no danger at the market, it seems... ;))
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter is still in Tunisia, now at the Blue Village! Hope you enjoy and have a great week!

  2. Well what are you waiting for? Go on in and get a good seat and start taking photos for us (after you get your beveage of choice). Can't wait to see the inside and the Hamsters too of course. The last hamster I saw was one of my daughter's that was running lose all over the house!

  3. I just love the pubs in England. There's NOTHING like them this side of the Atlantic, however hard Americans try.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog - just so you know, "Walla Walla" is more American than most "American" names - it's Native American! :) It means "Many Waters." And now you've learned your thing for the day. :)

  4. "Grey horse" cheval gris..?. Cela aurait été dommage de passer cette photo en Noir et Blanc... Les néons lui donnent beaucoup de relief (d'épaisseur) et de mystère à la fois

    Chuckeroon, ton fils est comme mes enfants ; à un moment, ils nous considèrent comme des vieux schnocks, et, oui, le temps passant, nous sommes des égaux pour eux, nous sommes des adultes eux et nous.
    Et puis ensuite hélas, nous devenons des enfants pour eux, lorsque nous sommes "gagas". Nos enfants doivent devenir nos parents....

    J'ai enfin posté aujourd'hui les falaises d'Angleterre vues depuis Le Trèport. J'attends ta boutique extraordinaire....

  5. Pray tell ... what was your 15 year old son doing in that sort of an establishment?

  6. What a beautiful old pub. If with noisy music tho, count me out. Beautiful shot.