Tuesday 18 November 2008

Wavelets on Water, Teddington Lock - # 08/269

Recently I've enjoyed trying to capture different patterns on water. There's nothing dramatic......this is soft Richmond upon Thames, after all. Nevertheless, I took a little bit of time in choosing this. I find it interesting because if you study it you realise that you can see the green of the trees on the river bank and even a fleck or two of the brilliant blue sky. This is what gives the water that rather scratchy look.

In other words there is actually more in the image than you think: but don't spend as much time looking as I did preparing this post!! ;-)


  1. Even a quick instinctive look shows two colus green with yellow overtones. I do this a lot. It's a good excersise in actually thinking before you shoot.

  2. There is certainly a nice abstract effect if you zoom in - far enough so that the context of the actual river is lost