Saturday, 29 November 2008

Not so cosy outlook?- # 08/276

Warm winter scene at the market with hot spicy seasonal stuff and a nice projection of a warm glow. Last year it seemed as if everyone had money to burn, and stability would stretch on forever. This year the cash all burned away and many will face hard times. Already the Repossession Notices are appearing in the windows of closed shop premises.


  1. Hi from PNG - good to hear from you.

    Yeah - what a difference a year makes!!! Hopefully people will have a less money-orientated Christmas and one in which they spend more time with each other.

  2. YOu are absolutely right. Leaner times for all of us ,not just in the US. I feel for the small businesses especially. Time to suck it up and rethink our priorities, right??? Good post today, C.

  3. Magnifique ! Surtout les deux femmes les yeux baissés, les joues rondes : ce sont des anges du peintre Raphaël que tu as photographiés