Friday 7 November 2008

Richmond Bridge under grey November skies - # 08/261

Well, we go from Birkett-Foster ( ) and my interpretation of his "Richmond Hill" - (thank you Richard of Zurich: I do indeed sometimes kid myself that I am a far better artist - Tee Hee!) - to this view, equally true, but on another day and looking East towards the old bridge (1778) and Richmond Hill instead of West from the top of The Hill.

The spectacular sunset and reflections on the water, yesterday, were indeed real, just as the grey overcast here, today, is real.

The "fault" in yesterday's splendid artefact is a degree of "over-sharpening". I was playing in my trial version of Adobe Lightroom 2.1 - a magnificent archiving and post-processing tool. But in spite of the over sharpening, the rest, colour, sunset, general scene are REAL!!! How lucky I am to live here.


  1. No no no - Birket-Foster was an aberration on my part - he is/was a pathetic artist. But there was someone else that the photo brought to mind, twighlight, dark trees, bit of gleam on the river etc. gone.. but it might come back to me.. and this one's the same

  2. 'Roony just plug your ears for a sec! Shh ... I have looked at two Turner's and they are not a patch on 'Roony's photograph! The view alone was breath-taking but add the atmospherics and then the narrow-boats gliding around the bend ...

    The two acceptable shots that I came away with indicate that I was more entranced with the boats gliding on the the mirror sheen of the river. They both could be in B&W ...

  3. Your enthusiasm for the place shows in your ability to capture it beautifully. I'll be back.

  4. Indeed. And I do hope to be able to visit you someday and see all of this beauty with my own eyes.

  5. I'm also trying to take photos of bridges at the moment, fighting with grey November skies... Obviously you know how to handle the problem!

  6. This is one your best photographs in a while. I like it tremendously. Richard is obviously much better at commenting it than I am.

    I also LOVE your list
    Straight, curved. Vertical, horizontal. Solid, fluid. Hard, soft. Static, moving. Fast, slow. Agitated, calm. Natural, man-made. Wild, tame. Dangerous, safe. Uncontrolled, controlled. Ordered, chaotic. Animal.

    How absolutely right.

  7. I didn't see any fault in yesterday's beautiful photograph. So shows how much I notice, or rather don't.

    I like today's too - especially showing the boats.

    thanks for comment on Menton DP. I left a response. Forgot to say tho I adore La Mer too. I have friends who used to see Charles Trenet live in Paris. Now that would have been something.