Tuesday 11 November 2008

Expressionism let loose in Kingston Market Place - # 08/264

A wet, grey day, a slow shutter speed and a market stall about to close: rust on the bottom edge, and a couple of late shoppers rushing by. Kingston upon Thames market square on the last day of September.

A few tweaks on the "curves" in post - processing, and conversion to "greyscale" produce a n interesting effect. Perhaps you won't like it.

(Kingston is 5 miles up river from Richmond. It's an ancient town where over 1,000 years ago Saxon kings were crowned.)


  1. It certainly is a challenge, 'Roon. It is a bit like visual poetry and requires more looking. I am into rust today - must be the old knees playing up!

  2. Very interesting effect you got today. I am just learning about curves. I think I do like it!

  3. I really do like this. I'd hang this on my wall. How did you get the figure in the background to look relatively normal yet the main figure is distorted. Very nice, fascinating no less.