Saturday 3 May 2008

The exhibition of local artists' work - # 08/92

Today I went to an exhibition of local artists' work. The sun shone. I love these local exhibitions. People try so hard with their hobbies. Somebody is obviously buying something.


  1. I like it - now think how the silhouette of the figures at the table with the nicely caught gesture, and the reflections on the paintings would have looked in colour. These for me are the most important aspects of the photo. The figures give us the narrative, and the backlight and reflections give us the atmosphere. In colour I think these motifs would get lost in the rest of the photo

  2. I have been there and done that. My son and I and our daughters too, used to tag along with me while I set up displays and offered my paintings for sale. That was ages ago before man landed on the moon.

    In fact I had worked at NCR in engineering and we did work for NASA and I got to see some of their artist's conceptions of what they thought the moon surface was like. I used those ideas to creat large oils of LEM (Lunar Escape Module) on the surface and had them on display at the same time the radio was announcing John Glenn was either on the moon or going around it.

    The result was I sold out of oils and brought some still dripping wet to the display and sold those too.

  3. Love art shows - aren't people clever!!!

  4. So interesting to read Richard's comments. I put a photo on Monte Carlo today and couldn't decide whether to change it to B and W or not, but I see how this works with those gestures. We can almost imagine their conversation.

    As for hobbies - pity the person who doesn't have a hobby or a passion. To do something creative is the best of all things in the world - satisfying and joyous, even if we are no good at it!

  5. I like this one! the shot is full of emotions and creativity. it's great. really.

    thanks a lot!