Wednesday 21 May 2008

Traditional fare - # 08/110

Continuing our little walk through the heart of old Twickenham beside the river we pass "the Eel Pie" inn.

I contemplated B&W because of the pleasant tones in this picture, but the colour hues are also very gentle and easy on the eye: so I went for colour, especially in honour of the floral display in the hanging flower baskets that matches the yellowish tones of sign boards so well. A good design consultant seems to have been at work here. The slight dampness of a recent rain shower makes the pavement shine, and has laid a slight misty puff over the trees in the background. B&W would have wiped that out.

Eel Pie also refers to the river island opposite Twickenham - a community of artists, eccentrics, philosophers and inventors that is so discrete and hidden away that it is hard to photograph.


  1. I love this street and that you did it in color. The hanging baskets, the sign, the colors of the store fronts, the brick walkway, everything! But then again, I bet it would look great in b&w too!

  2. I see that strange white shoe just past the guy walking and wonder if he jumped out to scare the hell out of him or is it a kind of statue with shoes?

    Regardless, it makes a nice looking picture if I could get that blue VW out of the way.

  3. Oh fab. Forever England and all that jazz. I wanted to live on Eel Pie Island one time - but then I would, wouldn't I? I like it in colour. Very much.