Thursday 1 May 2008

Trapped - # 08/90

The concept of Resurrection is powerful stuff, but the idea of Ascension goes even further. Ascension Day is an important festival in the mind of "Old Europe", and perhaps this is rightly so.

Regardless of sectarian faith, Ascension must surely appeal to all of mankind. The opportunity to ascend out of the clutches of whatever seems to hold us back is something we all crave.

Urban life is wonderful for some and a retarding drudge for many. It has robbed us of the benefits of many natural instincts and dis-empowered many to care for themselves because they have come to rely on "the system" or "government" to provide. That's only half the story, because living in a desert land without civilisation is also not much fun.

Anyway..........whatever/whoever you are: Happy Ascension - may you achieve yours.


  1. Thanks, to you, too. It was Labour's Day at the same time. Hm ...

  2. I enjoyed your post, and the photo was an excellent compliment to it.

  3. Poor lad, appears to be behind bars, doesn't he?

    Nice capture!

  4. I stppoed by beacuse the image really caught my eye, so the text in the post was a bonus. Made me thunk anyway, and the image, is fabulous b&w. It's so well composed.

  5. Annunciation, Ascension, Ascension - they all begin with A. Was this deliberate on the part of the catholic church to make sure they appeared at the top of lists?

    For my own part I don't subscribe to organised religion, but I'm aware of the symbolic significance of these events mainly through the efforts of artists. And here I find that the Annunciation has produced the works that I feel most strongly about. Probably because, despite the nature of the narrative, the personal element prevails. Titian's Assumption in the Frari Venice which I've seen regularly on visits there is widely regarded in the art world but for me is too far removed from human experience

    Em.. I think I may have strayed from the subject a bit...

  6. Ascension... I can feel my feet off the ground already!

  7. Love Nathalie's comment. I didn't reply to this yesterday cos it made me think and then I was about to write a LONG comment which would have bored everyone, including me. Nathalie's got it right!

    I do love the image.