Sunday 11 May 2008

Streetside cafe culture - # 08/100

The open street cafe is a feature of life in the most unexpected places these days. Britain is far less grey and "indoorsy" than it once seemed to be. Or is that just my imagination?

Brilliant early morning sun brings an extra "something" to the early morning workman's coffee.

He's sitting in deep shade. Spot metering sorted out the shadows.


  1. ... and he needs to have a smoke, so it's just as well there are outsidy bits these days...

  2. Love the composition and no shade on the man's face! It's good to know that outside eating and drinking is more a way of life now in the UK. Perhaps one of the benefits (can't think of another tho) of climate change.

  3. No, it's not your imagination. I left UK 17+ years ago and notice the same thing whenever I come back now. Nicely seen.

  4. In one way - nice if you adapt some of the good continental habits. On the other hand, we are losing our specifities. It will soon be difficult to know in which country we are - we will all be more or less alike.