Wednesday 28 May 2008

The ingenious opportunist - # 08/117

I invested in a squirrel proof birdseed feeder. Finally, after many weeks he has worked it out! His script goes like this: "You swing like this and you tilt the feeder, and then you hang there while the seeds tumble out of the glass container, slide down the base and fall into your open mouth. You just hang, and hang, until you simply cannot eat any more - or until the householder shoooos you off.
Then......being too full to run away, you stay up in the tree, close to the feeder, and taunt the householder and see how cross you can make him!! It's great! Try it! They can't catch you."

Click on the photos to enlarge them. It's even better!!


  1. Nifty little creatures aren't they? You can try and try... Hope there were some seeds left for the birds anyway!

    I've been really enjoying your photographs after I stumbled across the site. Thanks!

  2. I got one sitting in my window eating. He comes along looking ragged and dismal and goes through a pitiful routine to get something to eat. I always give in cause I think he needs help.

    Looks like you got his cousin there in your yard.

  3. Nice photographs, Chuck!

    Ingenious creatures indeed. The birds must not be too thrilled about them. There are not many squirrels in these parts, much unlike where I lived in Maryland. I've noticed only two so far. Red ones, not brown.

  4. Go squirrel!!!
    Kinda like our possums here.
    They wreak havoc on my dad's garden.
    So he leaves out a platter of fruit for them every night(!!) so they will leave his plants alone.
    (well, that's the excuse he gives).

  5. These squirrel proof feeders need to spend a little more time in testing! Still, a lovely close up of Mr Squirrel. Give a rat a bushy tail and you have a pleasant creature.

    Our strategy is to distract the squirrel with a broken bird feeder filled with nuts. It's Doing the trick so far, but for how long, I wonder.

  6. Oh what fabulous shots. I'm impressed. Clever squirrel.

  7. Very much like what I saw in my neighbours garden when I opened the curtains this morning. The birds do seem to get their share (some of it at least) two or three were waiting on the fence watching it.

    Yesterday I saw a huge fox in the garden about 9am. I thought it was a dog at first until it turned round.

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