Friday 9 May 2008

Looking from St. Margarets back towards Brentford - # 08/98

.....we have walked through Bentford canal docks, seen the "Golden Mile", passed through Syon Park with the magnificent glasshouse and rare breed cattle, stopped for an apple pie in the London Apprentice inn, and are now halfway back to Richmond. We take a glance backwards, seeing the old ferry landing-point at Isleworth and in the distance the rising towers of "greyscale" Brentford on the Golden Mile. A tiny world of past and present, and the bit in the middle of that, all in the cup of your hand.

Grey day or sunny day, it's always a good photo.


  1. I know not everyone visits this site for photo chit-chat, but ever the critic, I just can't resist saying I would have dropped my head a few inches. Then the verticals cut the horizon more effectively, and the branches in the foreground would have a better background......

    I just chatted to Jilly in Menton about Cartier Bressons quote to the same effect so it's a bit of a coincidence

  2. @Richard...I took 3 of this, and I still missed "the real point"...arrggh. ;-) Tks.

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  4. This, for me as an exile, is pure nostalgia (particularly since it's in monochrome). It makes me wish I could walk there again.