Monday 26 May 2008

The tide is high - # 08/115

No glamour here. Blondie may lull us with the pleasant song of that title, but the high tide at the foot of Ferry Rd, Twickenham, brings the flotsam of modern Britain. Imagine all the rubbish repeated endlessly all around the world, over thousands of miles of rivers in every country. No wonder there are whole areas of the world's oceans thick with this stuff.


  1. Either you got a lot of rain or the tide was up.

  2. Too right. Look at Naples at the moment!

  3. hi there!

    i'm really glad i found your photoblog, which you've started just about when i left richmond. after a year i miss this place more and more. i used to live on richmond rd, just above funeral service.

    it was great to see all those pictures you made and i'm sure now i'll visit you everyday!

    i was wondering - maybe when you'll be near richmond rd you can take some shots on the street, near 376-378 number :) it's called merlin court.

    hope it's possible!

    (ps. i've been living in Gdansk {poland} for few months so the advertisement of that city was a nice suprise)

    greetings from south poland, alice.

  4. Too bad! At least it allowed you to make a post!