Thursday 11 September 2008

All made by human hand- # 08/215

Hand-painted ancient Chinese vases; the folds of a dress painted by a 17th Century master painter; a hand-crafted gilded frame; a hand-made lamp shade all set against wood paneling hand-cut by the finest carpenters.

Hand-held Olympus E3 using hand-chosen Aperture F8.0 to control depth of field. Man-made shutter firing at 1/13th sec. The camera's humanly devised electronic brain, made on machines conceived and constructed by man chose ISO 3,200 after looking through a man-made Olympus 14-35mm SWD F2.0 lens, designed and made by human optical engineers. The light source came from electricity generated and transmitted by man's industrial endeavour.

This man thinks it's all a miracle.


  1. ooh, like that one

  2. Beautiful items, beautiful photo!

  3. Loving you at the moment.
    Loved yesterday's photo and love this one.
    Love all around!

  4. So you got the compliment from Richard! I don't have to make any!

    Wonderful atmosphere around this photo!

  5. Stunning still life today. It's like an Old Master for certain. The angle is perfect, not expected. Now for the second miracle, hand held. That beats all I've ever seen. I was also relieved that th light source wasn't the large handheld torch! Now I think this one is my very favorite, but there's always tomorrow.....

  6. I have emailed your gmail address re coffee.