Tuesday 23 September 2008

Nick's gum tree - # 08/226

My neighbour has a huge Australian gum tree in his front garden. I absolutely love it. He has fitted it out with strings of lights right up to the top. He switches them on in Winter and the tree twinkles in the darkness.

Here you can see a flash of late September sun on the bark.

Actually I'm longing to get back to some B & W shots, but at the moment they simply are not materialising. The other thing I should be doing - but am not - is getting up early to capture sun rises and mists. Next month I really must try harder.

(By the way; we have total thick grey cloud........yet again. What an abominable Summer! Aaaaaarrrrgh!!!!!!!!)


  1. Correct me if I'm wrong. Isn't there a saying in your country: "up a gum tree" which means in a predicament of sorts? Read it in a book to my third graders every year. THis photo reminded me of that. Gorgeous bark . I would love to run my hands over it. How about a night shot of it when it stops raining.

  2. Eeh bah gum, what a peculiar phenomenon (as we say oop in't north!)

  3. With the nice autumn colours coming, I guess you can wait a bit with the b&w?

  4. L'eucalyptus est un arbre tout à fait dépaysant sous nos latitudes, il y pousse bien, cependant j'ai tendance à préférer les arbres locaux avec une préférence pour le tilleul au feuillage en coeur, doré à l'automne, à l'ombre légère et si odorant et apaisant en floraison. Son seul inconvénient : le miellat qui en coule et salit les voitures stationnées dessous

    Tu te rends compte : déjà l'automne et moi qui n'ai vu passer ni le printemps ni l'été !

  5. Love gum trees. Fell in love with them in Australia and the love affair continues. Your neighbour's eucalyptus is a beauty. They are fragile tho in that limbs can split so easily in wind. Bit like figs actually.

    Get out there - get up early and get those fabulous shots! (says me who doesn't either but will).

  6. Oh I miss them so!!! Jilly is right - they are called widow-makers at home because limbs tend to fall on men a lot - I guess they are outdoors working more. NEVER camp under one or the whole family and the car could be wiped out. The whole tree can fall down in storms too - a huge Sydney gum took out the front porch of my house in Australia.....apart from that they are gorgeous!!!