Saturday 20 September 2008

Capturing September: attempt # P91 - 5 - # 08/223

What are you doing? Why are you lying on the wet ground, in an old raincoat, fiddling with that camera again? Come in at once! Do something useful!

The garden apple crop this year is abundant but the apples are small in spite of the high rainfall. I suppose excessive cloud and lack of sun are to blame. But the squirrels and birds are getting the benefit from them.

My challenge here is to catch the juiciness, the whiteness and the squirrel's teeth marks. It's definitely not the world's finest September Apple Picture, but I had great fun doing it, and avoided having to do several "useful" things.


  1. Hi Roon! After a short break but a long absence I’m finally back to the blogosphere and found some time to enjoy your excellent blog…
    And I'm glad that you're still avoiding to do some «useful» things... ;)
    Agree with you that this September has been miserable... but the pictures are gorgeous; so, forget about the weather... ;))
    Many thanks for your comments on Blogtrotter, while I was off. It’s now in Kos on the way to Crete! Hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend and a nice week ahead!

  2. How magical - to see the squirrel teeth marks. Well done. I am now doing my best to picture you lying on the wet ground - happily in a raincoat. It sounds like great fun to me and I like your photo v much.

  3. I swear I am not going to start another rant about squirrels . I am already getting a reputation for being a curmudgeon regarding them and it upsets Abe L.
    That said, I salute you for getting on the ground to photograph anything! I thought it was a mushroom at first. We have saucer size ones here in my neighborhood and we really haven't had much rain. Hmmm.

  4. This is great fun, 'Roony. The teethmarks are a delight. The entire perspective is most unusual.

  5. Interesting photo - well worth the effort, especially at your age