Friday 5 September 2008

The security camera - # 08/210

........ A rather fine looking example of the species with special sensors and technologically advanced "illumination" systems mounted in the two side pods.

It stands on the margin between a rather fraught looking "enlightened" Left peering towards the ever increasing "darkness" and murkiness that is developing on the Right. The source of "enlightenment" is not obvious, and we cannot see what is hidden within the "darkness". Is there actually a silver lining?

Britain is highly advanced in the technology and application of electronic and remote surveillance techniques and has lived with a very real "terrorist threat" far longer than America. Nevertheless, I am still left with the sense that we - all of us in the "enlightened" West - seem to be observing and worrying and confronting rather than solving the problem. Perhaps the camera needs to turn and peer in the other direction.

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  1. You are absolutely correct - none of this is preventative, or aids an understanding of the problems. (I imagine that the majority of US/UK still thinks 9/11 happened out of a clear blue sky) Helps catch innocent photographers though and probably makes money for people in an increasingly surreal economy