Sunday 28 September 2008

Coca Cola, Potato Crisps, Lilies, Fine Wine and Oranges - # 08/229

Another in the occasional "Bar Fly" series.

A couple of nights ago we visited the Black Lion in Black Lion St close to the river off Chiswick Mall. It's a very old pub surrounded by magnificent early 18th century buildings and narrow riverside roads.

The Bar Fly was struck by the interesting fusion of the concept of the "old riverside pub" and "elegant modern London venue". The bar-top combination of the "down to earth" and the "elegant", the "ancient" and "modern", caught our eye. A good dinner, and an excellent Real Ale beside leather armchairs and an open fire contributed to a good evening.


  1. OK, meet you there next time I'm in London!

  2. A good evening indeed. I like your Barfly series a lot.

  3. Nothing can be compared to the atmosphere of a real British pub! Then, if even the food is good...! :-)

  4. I often enjoy an orange with my "fine wine".

  5. Une image intime qui donne une furieuse envie d'être là, accoudée à ce bar.
    L'odeur des lys m'envahit, ce pub est très coquet et depuis que l'on ne fume plus, on s'y attarde sans doute volontiers...
    Y mange-t-on bien ?