Sunday 14 September 2008

The Great River Race 2008 - My Pic - # 08/218

Yesterday the skies cleared and the "S.A.D" clouds disappeared. Many rowing enthusiasts
travelled from all over the world, carrying their boats, to take part in the annual Great River Race.

"Whacky Racers" and tough cross-ocean competition rowing adventurers took part. Boats were handicapped and placed in numbered classes for the 22 mile row. Boats started from Ham House, Ham and rowed 22 miles down to Greenwich.

This main photo sums it all up. Every type of boat you can imagine and flags from around the world are getting ready for the Start. I'll show a few other shots later - from whacky to more serious.


  1. How absolutely fabulous. What a great day this must have been. Love the shot - so much to see and enjoy. Some of those boats look as if they could capsize?

  2. This must really be an event!!

  3. it was! my first year rowing it, and I loved it!!
    this photo does sum it up really well. (sorry to interrupt your blog!)