Saturday 13 September 2008

Brave tourists set against grey sky - # 08/217

I don't approve of these little tricks with clever editing software. But I couldn't resist using it to put over the vision of these brave souls in their rain coats sitting down to an "al fresco" lunch. Suddenly we have been forced to remember why English life is generally lived indoors, or else engaging in really extreme adventure sports e.g. like trying to beat the Australians at our national game of cricket. The weather this be more precise "the cloud conditions" truly awful. Nothing but thick grey cloud for weeks on end. Often it does not rain. It's just utterly dull. But when it rains; it rains!!!!

Perhaps the second half of September will be kinder. Normally it is a wonderful time of year in England: calm and warm and sunny with a special tangible quality in the atmosphere.


  1. Neither do I... Like the previous photo the "trick" tries to tell us what the point of the photo is - that is the job of the photo however (IMHO)

  2. Have you got S.A.D. in Autumn??
    I wish I could sympathize but we had THE MOST GLORIOUS weather yesterday.
    23 degrees - sunny - with a gentle breeze - absolute heaven (no wonder we are better at cricket!).

    I don't like those black and white and colour photos either. They always remind me of cheap greeting cards.
    Sorry, I don't mean to be insulting - but I just can't help myself!! Oh - that's not right!!!

    Anyway, are they brave or just a bit stupid?

    Alright, alright - I'm leaving.

  3. @ R & @ FF.....yeah, yeah, yeah! I said I agreed with you, so back off! I just discovered that Picasa had got this thingy and I could resist picking at it. I won't do it again, NOT EVER!

  4. Oh I think at times they can be very effective and lots of fun.

    Re Trying to beat us at cricket I guess it is a bit like us trying to beat the bloody Kiwis at Rugby - 24:28 nearly got there!!!

  5. I love the shot but am with Richard in his comment although it doesn't bother me as much as the effect you used in yesterday's. (I'm guilty of using spot of colour effect too and perhaps had better stop!). I love all those shop signs picking up the vertical lines of buildings/windows. So effective in B and W.

    The Brits are so brave in bad weather I always think.

    And we had rain last night - first time since May. Hooray. Hailstones too which is not a good idea on parched earth, especially on hillsides. No matter, everything is looking much happier this morning.

  6. It's fun to fiddle sometimes. I agree you didn't need it but I am not sending you to photographer's purgatory for it. FIddle on!

  7. I like what Richard said about the role of the photo to show what the photo was all about.

    This one doesn't do much for me, but the heels photo I think is terrific. I thought the point of the blur was to indicate a "dirty old perv" looking through his curtains surreptiously (?sp) which is echoed in the title.