Wednesday 17 September 2008

Come on! Tell me. What is Richmond really like? - # 08/221

It's back again. Flat, thick, grey cloud. Just thick and grey. No sunlight, not even raining. Just thick grey cloud. Nothing else. Just thick grey cloud. It's been like this almost without a break for the whole summer. Day after day after day after day. So I'm "grey" and I'm grumpy. Why have we got this thick grey cloud? Thick, thick, thick. Grey, grey, grey. Day after day.

This photo was taken in the centre of Richmond during a (now rare and unusual) moment when the tick grey cloud cleared. But the moment was brief, and the traffic was awful.


  1. I hear what you say... and to and to it the nights are drawing in....

  2. THis looks like a tell-all candid picture of what the city feels like at its center ...

  3. I may not have the traffic, or the bustling population but I share yur sentiments of grumpy me and grey oppresive clouds.

  4. I know how you feel today. we have had simply magical weather but today around lunch time it got gey and murky - ash i'm afraid. It blew this way - bummer!!! I hope it doesn't mean the winds have changed for the wet season!!!

  5. Welcome to Seattle!

    Here there are very odd evenings in the early summer when it's neither hot nor cold... neither dark or light... neither raining or dry.

    Just a miasma of non-commital grey that can about drive a person nutters.

    Even rain would be a relief.


  6. Oh my! Come take a holiday in the US (southern Ca, Hawaii, Utah) there's sun and it's half off! (considering one Pound is worth two Dollars)... just avoid all of the hurricanes. :) Love your blog.

  7. Gulp! This is when the greyness has lifted?

    umm ... we don't get a lot of that type of weather out here ... but I won't be a tease!

  8. Think of it this way. At least you don't have to worry about those harsh shadows you get when you have to shoot around midday. See, here in Birmingham, that's a big ole hassle, constantly having to work around that darn sun and everybody squinting etc. Oh, sorry........

  9. Everyone is complaining about the endless grey summer you've had. I'm with Virginia on photography tho and those harsh shadows.

    If it's any consolation it's pissing down with rain here today - thick grey sky too.

    Hope you get a bit of sunshine soon - goodness knows you need it.

  10. Oohhhhh....
    I thought this WAS a photo of the grey cloud!
    Now wonder so many of you lot migrate out here.

  11. I'm with freefalling - I thought this was a grey day. What is Richmond really like? Traffic, red lights, one way system...

  12. Tu te demande à quoi ressemble ta ville ? Ma foi, elle me semble ressembler à la mienne, tu disposes de très jolis coin de verdure à ce que j'ai pu voir et d'autres bien engorgés de monde.
    Les jours raccourcissent et nous allons sur les blogs voir apparaitre des levers et des couchers de soleil. La lumière sera différente, plus basse, comme tu l'as si bien noté...

    J'aime beaucoup l'automne et l'hiver. Ce sont des saisons, je trouve, apte à l'introspection...