Sunday 26 October 2008

Fruits of Autumn # 2- # 08/252

26 October....thick grey clouds and rain. Hmmm......seems like Summer, except that the rain's rather fresh and bracing: less warm than it was in the Summer. But the grey cloud! Well, at least it's "seasonal" now, whereas in the Summer it was just a miserable unseasonal nuisance blocking the sun. Wouldn't it be nice if I owned a villa in the South of France, or perhaps in Kerala, South India (yes, very nice indeed). Dubai is too hot now and in any case it's just "London in the Desert with Funky Buildings": interesting but..........??? Australia or New Zealand would be OK, or perhaps Argentina by the South Atlantic.

So, here are the fallen apples, all raked into neat piles for the squirrels and large birds to devour. They are hard at it and the fruits will soon be gone.


  1. Hi Chuckeroon! This morning, as I had an extra hour and had no answer from the Blogger robots, I started making experiences! Changed the /s400/ to /s640/ and then noticed that they had included width 400 and height 300. Decided to also add 60% to those and it worked! Now you confirm! Thanks!!

    Temperature in Lisbon 20ยบ Celsius! Not a single cloud in the sky. You'd better try here... No fallen apples though... ;))
    Have a great week!

  2. Ha...yes! I remember well my regular visits to the North (our main business was in Duoro area)....So, I'll include Portugal as a villa possibility!!! Well done on the 640s

  3. Funny...I came here to respond to a comment you left on my blog post about apples. This shot is indeed quite autumnal, and I like it a lot.

    Geocaching is indeed something using a GPS. Check out if you're interested to learn details, but basically someone hides a "cache" somewhere - anywhere they want in the world - and notes the coordinates using their GPS. Then they post the coordinates online and anyone else can grab them, add them to their GPS unit, and follow it to the cache site. Then it's just a matter of locating the cache itself. It's quite fun, so long as it's not terribly difficult to find the cache. For me the fun part is following the GPS to an unknown site.

    Some caches are even what are known as "virtual caches" and instead of finding a box with a logbook (where you write your name and date of find), you find a PLACE and photograph yourself there, then upload it to the website to prove you were there. It's great fun!

  4. Ah, so English. Wonderful fallen apples. thanks for the memories.Here it's fallen lemons and oranges!

  5. Well I vote for the villa in the south of France naturally. Then we can all pile in on you and have a grand ole time! What shall I bring???