Wednesday 1 October 2008

Reflection of marker-post in the water at Teddington lock - # 08/232

The 26th September brought us the last moments of hot and brilliant sunshine before the strong winds of Autumn fell upon us.


  1. great pic 'roon. The reflections and golden leaves really give the sense of end of summer..

  2. Love this. Beautiful reflection that shows the movement in the water, autumn leaves - wonderful colours. I think this might be one of my favourite 'roony photos. It's truly a stunner.

  3. At first glance this looked like our back garden with leaves floating on the water after the thunderstorms yesterday (we even had a bit of hail).

    Seems to be a bit of blue today though.

  4. A very nice reflection, decorated with autumn leaves ...

  5. This might be my favorite too! The color of the water is so nice and the sprinkle of the leaves, not to mention the reflection. Just lovely!