Friday 24 October 2008

The Polo Pupil - # 08/250

Blogger seems to have a problem - it's posting small pictures and refuses to obey commands. Anyway, just click on the photo to enlarge it and enjoy the expressions of concentration and enjoyment on the riders' faces.

Having solved the sizing issue I can be a little more descriptive.........the photo shows a keen pupil being coached by his Argentine Master on the so-called "Stick and Ball Field" which is the special name for a polopractice area. The Agentines are a regular sight at the Polo ground.


  1. I've always wanted to attend a Polo match!

  2. Great shot. I would love to see a polo match in person! What is with Blogger??? It didn't obey my post option either. GRRRRRrrrr

  3. blogger turned one of my pics sideways earlier today (future post so no harm done) and I had to solve it by posting the pic on my own webspace and reference it there.

    Love the horses

  4. is inserting a maximum width and height per pic.

    Go into the code and eliminate the height and width components and turn the s400 into s640, and voila! Pain in the A tho....more work to post a pic...

    Maybe c&p a code string into Word and then the one you want to change and compare - that's how I figured it out.


  5. Hi Roon! Blogger seems to be a bit temperamental... ;))
    Nice pic, anyhow!!
    The nature you posted is really spectacular!!
    Meanwhile, Blogtrotter just said goodbye to Mykonos 2007!! It shows the famous sunset scene at Little Venice, and the Pelican mascot of the island… ;)
    Hope you enjoy, comment and have a great weekend!

  6. Nice. I like the picture.

    Today (October 25th) in my birthday. I am 74 years old.

  7. To All Richmond upon Thames DP watchers.....I solved the issue by changing the Height and Width in Edit HTML to 640 and 480. Tks to Sally for the hint.

    Note Blogger Code Geeks.....Why have you made it yet more difficult to upsize the pictures from 400x300 to 640x480?