Tuesday 7 October 2008

Expression of disgust - # 08/236

Recent observation on a wet day.


  1. Mmmm, disgusting indeed.

    Why don't you come over to Avignon for a bit of sunshine? We had two drops of rain this morning and apart from that nothing in ages!

    I was really taken aback by your photo of 3rd of October - just loved that indoor shot!

  2. That's too funny! Sooo, you've had a lot of rain??

  3. mmm, I spoke too fast.
    The rain hit last night, and it hit hard. Downpour. And it's not over. Stay right where you are. Don't come over!!!

  4. You know, I get really annoyed with the cheap umbrellas you find everywhere these days - you use them twice and the break apart on you. I find this extremely shocking. Admittedly they're cheap so why bother, let's buy another one. That's what my daughter tells me but it makes me furious. I don't want the world and rubbish bins to fill up with cheap stuff that breaks. I want proper things that work for a long time for which we pay a proper price!

    OK, that what my ranting of the day.


  5. Here in OZ we have had such a long drought we are not allowed to complain about rain.

    I found the photo amusing.

  6. A common sight here. The wind chews them up. We prefer big sturdy hoods.
    I'm caught betewwen whoelheartedly echoing Nathalie and chcukling at the wonderful photo op. Excellent observational shot.