Saturday 11 October 2008

The play of light on a great picture - # 08/240

I love the way that the sun floods in through the east facing window and the outline of the window frame is reflected. The masterpiece (Venus and Adonis) hides in the gloom of the great stairway, but for a brief period it shines in the light.

I've made several attempts to catch this tricky exposure, and finally managed it. It is worth clicking on the picture to enlarge it and admire the colour and the expression on the faces.

The story: Adonis is keen to go hunting wild boar. Venus fears for his safety and begs him not to go. The boar kills him and Venus is distraught.


  1. The reflection of the window is grand. I think I need to pass on why Adonis was so obsessed with hunting that he left Venus in the buff. Later, Venus probably said, "I told you so". Here in the USA , hunters' wives can realate to that one.

  2. What a beautiful painting and the lighting is great for your photo.

  3. The old masters and old master wannbes dwelled a lot of nude women's butts and boobs. Have you ever noticed that? This one I have seen in print and admired it for other reasons.

  4. Wow! Great shot! The story of Adonis and Venus is a sad one... ;), but the painting is fabulous!
    Meanwhile Blogtrotter has moved to Mykonos! Hope you enjoy! Have a great week ahead!

  5. I'd think most art curators would have a fit at direct sunlight and demand a curtain at the very least to keep the sun from fading this classic painting!

    Treasures like this are meant to last the ages.

  6. beautiful light on the painting and no glare from the window. How very clever of you. And what silly billy Adonis was... I trust Venus found someone to listen to her after this.

    Seriously tho such a beautiful painting and you've captured the colours in the painting, on the walls, the frame, the panelled walls etc so fabulously.

  7. J'ai ce problème avec des tableaux réalisés par ma grand'mère que je voudrais "partager" : celui de la vitre de protection et des réflections parasites. Même s'il s'agit d'huiles d'ailleurs.
    Parfois tu as ainsi le monde extérieur, comme ici, qui s'invite dans le tableau. Tout dépend ce que l'on veut montrer, si c'est un objet (comme dans un catalogue de musée) ou la vie (c'est à dire un tableau qui peut être perçu de différentes façons)...