Wednesday 8 October 2008

The Spider - # 08/237

This spider has been camping in the front garden for over a week. I wanted to photograph its face, but my tripod was not high enough and hand-holding the camera was difficult.

Finally, the spider got fed up with posing nicely and waiting for me. It slunk off into the corner of its web and hid under a leaf. This was the best I could do.


  1. You've still managed a great capture of its beautiful markings and web. I love the depth of field, too.
    This spider's cousins are currently perched in front of my garage door, their two webs covering about a quarter of the top of the entrance. I haven't the heart to disturb them again after having to clear them out a few days ago. . .they just built more elaborate webs. Oh well, Halloween is coming, and we will have very authentic "decorations" for the trick or treaters!
    Seattle Daily Photo

  2. Beautifully captured. On the one hand Mr Spider doesn't have to worry about the housing crisis...on the other hand, the little guy has to rebuild his house every few days!

  3. Nice shot but DEAR GOD! I hate them - too scary looking!

  4. He looks like a turtle (with eight legs).

  5. Beautiful patterns on the back and such delicacy in the web. Really like the shot - so much detail in the leaves as well. Spiders are such amazing creatures - well, alright, insects.

  6. Looks like a crab! How come every Brit I have ever met expresses "terror" at the thought of Australian spiders and creepy-crawlies? Looks like there's danger lurking in the bottom of every garden there too!