Saturday 22 March 2008

The Bar Fly gets "clever": another in the occasional series - #08/53

"And the first question is...." Quizz night is in full swing, in this homely and deservedly popular small Brentford pub. The Waterman's Arms, has been on the site close to the river barge wharves in Ferry Lane since 1751.

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ


  1. This looks very nice in black and white, roon. Was there any detail at all in the black areas in the foreground besides what is showing? I was just curious as to how much detail was or is in the dark shadow areas not exposed.

  2. @AbeL.....Abe, if you tilt the screen a little or enlarge the photo you can make out the wood of the counter in dark grey. Nothing is hidden in the blackness. Actulally, the picture looks very nice in colour, too (probably nicer!)

  3. I love your pub photos. This is great - love the concentration of the group - ah, English pubs!

  4. I think I must have some strange obsession with toilets (must be from looking after a Crohns Disease patient all these years)!
    That little man sign looks like a it should be for a toilet (yes, I know it is for the exit!).
    So what quiz question are they answering here?
    I bet they didn't have quiz nights back in 1751 - they probably all stood around and compared barge poles!

  5. I like this shot so much,it has such a timeless quality and black and white is just perfect for it.