Thursday 6 March 2008

Out of the docks and into the town - # 08/37

For anyone interested in contemplating the effect of light on water and metal, or the photographer or urban artist interested in textures and the "hard and soft", Brentford offers plenty of opportunities.

By the this very spot in 1642, 1,400 Parliamentarian troops defended the bridge (top right corner glimpse) against 4,600 attacking Royalist soldiers. An 3 day action took place involving infantry, field guns, and guns mounted on barges sailed along the Thames. The Royalists broke through but were stopped about 3 miles further on at Turnham Green.


  1. oo - those are very specific criteria.
    I think I'll have to put some thought into my particular requirements!
    I like the angles (and the hole).

  2. The railings seem to shiny to be old. I guess lots of hands have rubbed them.