Friday 21 March 2008

Brentford rising - a walk around the "new dockland" #3 - # 08/52

The 19th C Lock Keeper's Office (naturally, still in regular use) has been carefully refurbished. I admire the human scale and warmth of these 19th C working buildings. It's hard to believe that this architecture was created at a time when the dock area was surrounded by slums and squalor......or are we being misled? Sometimes I'm puzzled. But even our own times also show shameful contrasts.

FreeFalling (a regular visitor) has asked about services and water on the house boats. There are extensive "environmental service" stations all along the canal to provide water, battery charging and sanitary services. Of course most barges use wind and solar power for electrical services. See also "the Coal Lady # 179"

Camera: Olympus C7070 WZ


  1. A lovely little building. Bit small for a house, but a good place to work. For once, some care with design seems to have been done with the building in the background.

    Best wishes for a good Easter.

  2. Aaaaah these last two photos are just what I love: evening light transcending the scenery. Both are absolutely gorgeous.

    We had such luck tonight too but I had forgotten my camera (and didn't bother going back when I noticed: no use, no light, grey day). I should know better.

    Message to myself: NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT IT, you never know!!!

  3. Wow! The Brentford Rising series is excellent and the pictures awesome. My prefered, however, is the Turner gift. No wonder his paintings when you see your photos... ;))
    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I finished my Greek Islands 2006 adventure with a post on Cretan Towns! Since it's Easter time, also made a post with some lousy pictures on Easter in Prague (1997) at Revival 90s.
    Enjoy your Easter Eggs and have a great weekend!

  4. I love this beautiful light, too.
    AND I love those pretty little utility buildings - we have such lovely tiny train stations or toilet blocks(!).

    Yes, I've been very concerned that the boat owners needs are being met!

    I followed your link to your older post - I can't believe the number of boats there are! Or how LONG that boat is!

  5. I'm surpised it hasn't been turned into a coffee stall, like all the old Police boxes, but in true contradictory fashion, I also like the fact that it means the job of working the locks continues

    I've been a bit distracted recently - apologies for the paucity of appearances