Sunday 30 March 2008

Off-piste Cool - # 08/59

Bywater St. London SW 3, in heavy rain.

Those in the know will be aware that the street cleaners sheltering under the tree are in fact secret servicemen on duty.

38 years ago I shared a flat off the Kings Road, near Bywater St. Saturdays I would see George Smiley in Safeway doing his weekly shop: err, I mean Drop.

For those who do not know the delights of London (which is a collection of villages each with a very different character) this is a typical residential street off the Kings Rd, Chelsea, a few steps down from Sloane Sq: home to stars of stage screen and fashion.


  1. It's a rainy day but a beautiful shot. Love the color of the umbrellas in the photo.

  2. Great shot. Love the colours. Know this street from my Chelsea days.

    And of course love the commentary.

  3. A wonderful rainy shot! You once more proved that rain pictures can be really nice!
    ... I could also see that you are a fan of Carla! (Have been off from blogging for a few days and have now a lot to see and read!)

  4. Tu nous montres les personnes dans l'ombre, j'ai envie de remarquer celles qui font l'angle, bien calées sous le parapluie. Qu'ont-elles donc acheté qui mérite de sortir et de se mouiller au lieu de rester siroter un bon verre de thé ? Il m'est arrivé d'aller à Londres et oui, il y a des quartiers résidentiels charmants et dotés de personnalité. Il n'est qu'à se souvenir du film "Notting Hill" en français "Coup de foudre à Notting Hill"...

  5. There is no heavy rain here but slight rain and it's too cold for spring. A nice picture because it refelcts a triste atmosphere.