Sunday 16 March 2008

Take a balanced view of things - # 08/47

There's always a nice shot, even on grey, damp, apparently featureless days. Coming up over the crest of a slope on Richmond Hill I saw "the Hotel", "the Tree", and "the Church Tower" (lower down) - a nice threesome: I was in the right position to see the symmetry.

Camera: Olympus E3


  1. I agree, the symmetry is perfect; not easy to reach!

  2. beautiful. You've a good eye, Chuckeroon.

    I left a message on Menton - in response to yours - just to say now I know why you have been encouraging me to buy a Super-Zoom!

  3. The layout is fabulous. Nice shot. Nice weather though the sun could be peeking out from under the covers, but then it would be a different picture.

    Well, now, you got to come back and take a look at me in my new blonde wig.

  4. That's a pretty lairy looking hotel!