Monday 24 March 2008

Brentford rising - the Stunner of The Great West Road - # 08/53

Stand at the southern end of the dock basin in the late afternoon and look north. The enormous grey-blue glass mass of the GSK building reflects the afternoon sun. The strange golden towers are the mirrored reflections of the modern office blocks which stand opposite this magnificent glass creation.

I've chosen to show it in the context of the remaining derelict of sheds and a touch of old canal water below, with some tree cover on the right. The very old alongside the ultra modern world-HQ of Glaxo Smith Klein.

Camera: Olympus E3


  1. I guess the good ole pharmaceutical companies are the only thing surviving in this economy. :-)

  2. It's not easy to integrate modern architecture. I feel that London and surroundings gnerally have suceeded very well, with a lot of nice creation spirit!

  3. Taken for themselves some modern buildings are great and very photogenic, but ... in my opinion they have to fit in the surrounding and here I'm not quite sure whether it does or not.