Thursday 22 March 2007

C - (PD) = J - # 54

C (Commitment) minus P (Pain) multiplied by D (Depression) equals J (Joy).
This picture is taken at viewing point 13 ( on the Oxford and Cambridge Boat race course. In the distance is Barnes Bridge.
On 7 April, if you find a place to stand here among the many hundreds, you will see two racing "Eights" surging towards you, followed by a swarm of referee and marshaling boats.
We are almost at the 4 Mile point in the race. The winning post is in sight (for the coxswain but not, of course, for the oarsmen). They will be in pain and near exhaustion, but the crew in front will feel a joyful positive. The one behind will be close to total depression and despair. For them the result can only be negative.

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  1. cool shot!
    I really like your river series!
    This is a wide river.. i know I've said that before, but that's what I think and that's what I need to say