Sunday 25 March 2007

Farmers in town - # 57

Twickenham is the town on the other side of Richmond bridge, across the Thames. Every Saturday farmers come in to sell directly to buyers. Photographically, the day was disappointing....cold, grey weather, sharp wind, not too many customers. Modern health regulations mean that all the meats are vacuum packed and quite unattractive as a fine display - better to visit a real butcher's shop for that. However, the specialist tomato grower had a strikingly colourful lay-out, so I snapped it, bought some farmhouse bread and goat's cheese and rushed home to get warm again.


  1. Now you are talking my language! Fresh bread, goat/sheep cheese and fresh tomatoes - I could live on that!

  2. Alway nice to shop on markets.
    Bon apetit

  3. Didn't you try the pigeon and peach sausages, there's none better in all Middlesex.

  4. just look at those delicious looking tomatoes!

    i love them.