Friday 23 March 2007

Joy overwhelming - # 55

On the far side you can see the red/yellow/black post that marks the finishing line, just before Chiswick Bridge, of the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. These days the river is full of racing crews practicing for the coming season. What will be the outcome of this season for the "Racing Eight" in the picture?


  1. wow, I couldn't handle with this large boat, they must be really well synchronized!
    And how large is that boat? maybe 10 meters? that's a lot for transport it in my car! ;)

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment on my photo blog Cape Coast Daily Photos.Love your blog too, Richmond upon Thames must have a wonderful place because you are there.


  3. It's not exactly canoeing down my Spring Creek, is it? It requires a lot of practice and dedication. Still, I think it is one of the "prettiest" sporting events...
    Another one is la Tour de France - seeing all those breathtaking paysages the riders whizz by. Or is this another of the Frenchmen lies ;-)