Thursday 15 March 2007

Changing life styles - # 47

Yesterday I touched on the effect of climate change, and how it is bringing a new, stylish and very welcome cafe life-style to our streets.

Today I show you a converted church! A number of magnificent Victorian Gothic church buildings, erected in the 1880s/90s, have been converted to extremely stylish apartment blocks with high, well lit and spacious interiors that make full use of the enormous stone arches and pillars.

Here is one, on Richmond Green. It has been well crafted, but the treatment of the street-side main entrance using a rather cheap looking "prison-like" grey metal security door system puzzles me. Surely they could have chosen something better to sit inside the grandeur of the main entrance archway.


  1. Nice looking apartments - em I'm just wondering about the price, this being Richmond....

  2. Nice buildings & the atmosphere...wonderfully captured shots!

  3. Oh! I have never seen anything like this! A church reconverted in a building... and it's only for priest? ^^

  4. i have heard of warehouses converted into apartments, and churches converted into restaurants.

    but this is the first time i have seen church apartments.