Wednesday 28 March 2007

Can somebody please tell me what's happening? - # 60

History goes through phases. First: chaos - the "What on earth is going on?" phase. Second: - the Party Line when winners tell us what was really going on. Third: the Revisionist phase -when counter revolutionaries deny it all and tear down myths, only to erect their own, usually wrong myths. Finally: chaos again - the "I still haven't a clue what happened" phase, when we just give all the records to the kids, let them draw their own conclusions, and we end up with 1,000 crazy views based on personal foibles.

The Putney Debates were all written down, and kept. We have it word for word; the whole discussion. It's a unique insight - fully recorded 17th Century political debate with important implications that still impact on modern Britain.

Here is the modern, restored interior of the church. Imagine Cromwell slugging it out verbally with his radical commanders, and a couple of diligent scribes scribbling furiously, catching the whole thing for posterity. Suddenly Cromwell finds the debate going in directions that he never expected. His men are more radical than he is. "Can somebody please tell me what's happening?"


  1. An incredible photograph that shows details I never knew existed.
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  2. It's difficult to believe that this is a modern rebuild of an older church. They have paid great attention to detail.

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  3. It looks very spacey and the picture is very nice.This is my first time seeing the interrior of a church and I must say that the architecture is very nice.
    By the way,thanks for visiting ADP!

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  4. Just love your analysis of the phases of history. So profound and so true.