Thursday 29 March 2007

Concern for rights of the common man, 1647 - # 61

The church features this "headline statement" made during the Debates by the puritan Colonel Rainsborough, expressing his concern and his hope for the Common Man in England: - naturally, it reaches out to everyone.

This photo series on St. Mary's Putney, the Putney Debates and the Levellers will finish tomorrow.


  1. As you pointed out, that was Colonel's hope - but what's the reality?

    Like your Putney series.

  2. Hmmm...well the hope is always there. But one has to be somewhat sceptical about T. Blair's pronouncement that the Gvmnt "....will eliminate child poverty by 20(10??)" But the Colonel probably had a lot of other things in mind. The Levellers were radicals....perhaps too left wing even for today. I don't know enough about Rainsborough to say for sure.

  3. I am back...
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    I like the earlier water photos...
    and the church, i like that first one. It is very interesting to discover those old things amongest the modern world...its somehow like to try to find out the terminal answer.

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  4. I like your pictures - I wish to use a couple of them in the Putney Debates WEB site - let me know if this is a problem

  5. Andy....You may use the pictures free of charge provided you show the usual accreditation.

    Thank you for wanting them. I'm pleased to let you use them.