Sunday 11 March 2007

The essence of fair play - # 43

The Englih are renowned for their love of "fair play". This consists of enjoying the sight of three seriously tough lads beating the daylights out of one other very tough lad who is all on his own.
The Richmond & Twickenham area is full of weekend rugby grounds, and home to several top teams.
Twickenham is the spiritual home of Rugby, and the giant Twickenham stadium is only a short distance from the centre of Richmond. Today England will be playing France in the "Six Nations" cup. The town will be throbbing with French and English fans. England are formidable, but not on form. The French are superb. I fear that today the French will thump the English....very hard.....but it will be a close run thing, and a joy to watch, whatever the final result.


  1. oh...
    seems weekend is the time for sports. when i was on the way home today, i saw the crowded view of people surrounding outside of the stadium, tried to buy a ticket of the footbal game.
    but its great to see the sport excited!!

    have the nice weekend.
    shanghai daily photo

  2. Congratulations! You must have been "overwhelmed" ;-)

  3. hello chuckeroon! thanks for popping by KLDP's 1st year celebrations.

  4. They may be hardy, but they're hot!