Tuesday 27 March 2007

We struggle to climb higher, but slide so easily down - # 59

It's a hard climb towards high ideals. St. Mary's church, Putney, site of the Putney Debates in 1647, was destroyed by fire in 1973, and has been superbly rebuilt in modern style using the finest materials. http://www.theteacher99.btinternet.co.uk/ecivil/putney.htm Read here, briefly, how the radical "Levellers" - radical puritan, protestant, political thinkers from Cromwell's finest, elite cavalry regiments - highjacked the debate and turned it into a discussion on modern democracy as we know it today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Mary

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  1. I'm going to recommend your blog to my college son, a European history major and English Minor. He's taking Shakespeare this semester and loves it. He will really enjoy your blog.